Boys and Girls (Shooting Stars) Ages 3 to 5

Did you know that early introduction to basic gymnastic helps kids become more confident learners when they start school?

Children 3-5yrs can participate in our Preschool Gymnastics program, helping your child engage their body in a way that no other sport/activity can offer.  Through the utilization of beginner gymnastics equipment, these classes are designed to enhance your child's:

  • fine and gross motor skills
  • social skills
  • strength and coordination

We will use obstacle courses in a fun and safe environment that emphasize:

  • climbing
  • hanging
  • jumping
  • running
  • and rolling

Your child will learn to:

  • walk in line
  • wait their turn
  • share
  • cooperate
  • respect their coaches
  • and cheer on their classmates!

We view gymnastics as a way to build not only amazing athletes, but amazing people! Our coaches reward good behavior, praise progress, and positively redirect misbehavior with patience and loving discipline.

We take an interest in your child’s behavioral and emotional development in addition to their physical development. We aim to give our students this advantage in life because we truly care about the kids we serve!

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